Where Do We Source Our Mushroom Extract From?

Where Do We Source Our Mushroom Extract From?

The earliest uses of medicinal mushrooms can be traced back to China, where they have been utilised as a food and medicine for centuries. 

Moving forward into more modern times, China was the first country to begin cultivating mushrooms for the wider population. China is the worlds’ largest producer of mushrooms with them growing and cultivating around 85% of all mushrooms globally.

Therefore, in order to bring you the best medicinal mushrooms it only makes sense to source the best mushroom extracts available; to do this we source all of our mushrooms from their country of origin, China.

Why Do We Source Our Mushroom Extract from China?

Sourcing our mushrooms from China allows them to be grown from their natural substrates, as they have been for centuries, as opposed to growing them using grain substrates like rice and oats. 

Although it is possible to grow these mushrooms elsewhere, mushrooms that are grown outside of China are typically grown using grain substrates which affects the resultant mushroom's quality. By sourcing our mushrooms from China, it allows them to be grown in their natural environment, from their natural substrates and away from harmful chemicals ensuring the highest quality and results from your mushrooms. All of our mushrooms are 100% pure extract from the fruiting body of the mushroom to ensure you receive the maximum results.

It’s not just a quality factor either, with mushrooms grown in Europe and the US the price is significantly higher due to the cost of replicating the natural growing conditions. Here at The Shroom Shop, we want our mushroom supplements to be affordable and accessible for everyone and by sourcing our mushrooms from their country of origin we are able to do this.

Are Mushrooms Sourced from China Safe?

We can’t speak for all suppliers of medicinal mushrooms but all of our products are free from nasty pesticides and harmful heavy metals. Each of our mushroom extracts comes with a certification of analysis, which is viewable on our website and provides you with all the info you need for peace of mind when purchasing our mushroom supplements. You can find this on each product page.

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