The Ultimate Mushroom Supplement

Embark on a holistic well-being journey with our Complete Mushroom Complex, a synergistic fusion of nature's powerhouses – Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Chaga, and Reishi.

Immerse yourself in the collective strength of these five premium mushrooms, designed to nurture your overall wellness.

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Pioneering the UK's Shroom Boom

From a humble beginning of just 4 products, our passion for harnessing the incredible power of medicinal mushrooms has led us to expand our range to the largest in the UK, incorporating 16 varieties of these natural wonders! Whatever your mushroom needs, you're sure to have them met at The Shroom Shop.

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  • Turkey Tail Mushroom

    Amazing immune boosting mushroom. Packed full of anti-oxidants that improve the ability of the immune system’s natural defence cells which protect the body against illness.

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  • Lion's Mane Mushroom

    Need to push for that promotion or sharpen up while studying? Supercharge your senses and switch on your A game with brain boosting Lion’s Mane mushroom!

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  • Cordyceps Mushroom

    Looking for an all natural supplement to reduce fatigue, boost athletic performance and enhance well-being? Cordyceps is your new training partner!

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  • Chaga Mushroom

    Anti-ageing, immune-boosting, detoxifying. Help free yourself of free radicals and bring back the radiant, healthier and younger looking version of yourself.

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  • Reishi Mushroom

    Reishi mushrooms are immune boosting, stress and anxiety reducing, mood enhancing super shrooms that rightly deserve their original name Lingzhi - meaning “divine mushroom”.

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  • Tremella Mushroom

    Reduce the signs of ageing and improve the condition of your skin from within with the ultimate beauty supplement known as "the fountain of youth"

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