Reishi Mushroom Capsules - Feel Calmer, Sleep Better & Live Longer

Reishi Mushroom - Feel Calmer, Sleep Better & Live Longer

For those of you who feel like life can get just a bit too hectic sometimes, the Reishi mushroom is here to save the day. Bring some calm into your life and improve your sleep routine with the most dynamic superfood on the market.

Nicknamed, Mushroom of Immortality, the Reishi mushroom has been celebrated across Asia for thousands of years. Originally reserved only for use by the royals, this versatile mushroom holds a diverse range of medicinal properties that were once deemed only fit for a king!

With longevity being at the top of the list for the Reishi mushroom's qualities, there's no wonder it has gained such attraction in the modern Western world. Studies show that Reishi boosts the immune system and prevents abnormal blood cells, promoting longevity in turn. It's calming properties soothe stress and anxiety, resulting in a healthy sleep routine and an improved quality of life; its high levels of antioxidants also bode well for an all natural anti-ageing remedy. Historically known for boosting general wellbeing, all of Reishi's combined properties lead it to be one of the best feel-good mood enhancers of the supplement world.

If eaten alone, Reishi has a bitter and wood-like taste. For this reason our Reishi mushroom capsules and powder have their fruiting bodies dried out, ground down to a powder and put into vegan friendly capsule shells or tubbed as is to make consuming it as easy as pie.  

After being branded a reigning champion of superfoods due to it's healing powers, the Reishi mushroom is your go-to to ensure you, your body and your mind have a great day (and night!), every day.